At Flex Fitness we have created a non-intimidating and encouraging community of members and coaches that will make your training experience enjoyable and will support you to achieve long-lasting health and fitness results.


What our customers are saying

I love the classes I’ve tried so far at Flex Fitness👌🏼 so much so I travel +20 mile each way! I started going to Boxerbeat In February and thoroughly enjoy it, it’s a great atmosphere for a fun workout to banging tunes with a good mix of folk. Due to working shifts (& the odd holiday😎) I can’t always make Wednesday nights so I gave Boxercise a go last Friday, It was tough, I was still feeling the affects on Monday so it was definitely worth while! I look forward to the classes, David spurs you on, keeps you on your toes, makes sure everyone’s getting the most out of their time here & still manages to make it fun & enjoyable too😅

Ashley Mcruvie

If anyone is considering joining a gym, I would 100% recommend Flex Fitness. I’ve always complained about my weight and how unfit I was for years. A 6 week programme was advertised for people who were looking to make a change in their lifestyle and I decided to sign up. I can’t believe how much your body can change in only 6 weeks and I am so so pleased with the results so far! Not only do you loose weight and inches, you feel more energised! I cannot thank you enough for totally changing my mindset and actually getting me to enjoy the gym! All the classes that are provided are brilliant and are different everyday which keeps you on your toes and gives you the motivation to keep going. Seriously, thank you to David and Martin!

Heather Thomson